About the NextGen Nano Director of Operations Duncan Clark

NextGen Nano is a pioneering nanotech firm focused on revolutionising the energy sector. Director of Operations Duncan Clark works closely with the team that has developed breakthrough nanotechnology that will open the door to decentralised energy markets around the world.
Duncan Clark

About NextGen Nano and the future of renewable energy

Proprietary tech developed by NextGen Nano under the directorship of Duncan Clark is called PolyPower. This advanced tech is set to transform the existing energy markets, including everything from electric vehicles to wearables, next gen yachting among others.

The team at NextGen Nano are focused on nanotechnology to create alternative energy sources. Its breakthrough tech can replace existing energy solutions using biopolymers to develop solar cells that produce efficient energy. NextGen Nano’s PolyPower tech allows transparent, strong cells to be applied to all kinds of flexible surfaces, meaning it’s durable and cost effective.

NextGen Nano’s Director of Ops Duncan Clark brings a wealth of experience in the industry to his role. He also holds positions and active business interest in other clean tech sectors.